Ten: Your Unique Journey - An Evening of Self-Potential

Ten: Your Unique Journey - An Evening of Self-Potential



The gallery coffee house

2 Broad Street, Barry, Wales, CF62 7AA, United Kingdom Χάρτης

What is TEN?
TEN comes from a scaling question. A scaling question is a classic coaching question. From Zero - Ten, where would you rate aspects of your life right now, with zero being the worst and TEN being the best?

The answer you provide is unique to you, as it's not really about the number, but more about what that number represents. If your life was a TEN, or certain aspects of life was a TEN, what would that look like to you?

'Your Unique Journey' understands that the answers come from within you, such as, what does success in your life look like to you? Not compared to anyone else, not what anyone else says your life should look like, but what TEN looks like to you. We may or may not get to a TEN, but it's about the journey and the steps that you can take to achieve your version of success within elements of your life. Welcome to TEN: Your Unique Journey

What is an Evening of Self-Potential?
An evening spent with speakers and coaches to develop your understanding of the power you have inside of you to create meaningful changes in your life.
An Evening of Self-Potential brings you three speakers followed by a Q and A session, and of course some sweet light bites and conversation with others in the room who are equally on a path of self-discovery and fulfilment.

Each speaker will have about 25 minutes with each designed to be engaging, informative and filled with value for your life.

Who's speaking?
Leanne Bird- Workplace Wellbeing Specialist
Melinda Mulcahy-Dobbs - The Curiosity Expert
James Phillips - Emotional Intelligence Coach

Date: 20th February 2024
Time: Doors open at 6pm for a 6:30 start
Where: The Gallery Coffee House, Barry, CF62 7AA. (3-minute walk from Barry train station) The Gallery Coffee House and Events CUBE Community United Barry 4 Everyone
Cost: This is a ticketed event that must be pre-booked costing £24.40

Category: Lifestyle

General Admission: GBP 24.50

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